Scanning Software

Recently a customer asked “How do I assign a particular barcode number to a member?  For example, how do I assign 0001 to Wayne Mahar, 0002 to Bill Thomson, 0003 to Lisa Smith, etc.  Do I need special software to do this?”.

The answer to that question is yes, you will need software and a barcode reader to effectively manage your clients or members.  The barcode reader is the input device that “reads” your barcoded keytag.

The reader inputs the data to your computer – and ultimately to your software.  Your software then determines who the owner of that keytag is (based on the barcode number), and it then generally lets you know whether or not this person has a valid membership.

There are many sources for barcode management software out there.  Since we specialize in selling custom barcode key tags to the fitness industry, we are familiar with several software companies (primarily through hearing our customers talk about them) – such as MindBody, Twin Oaks, and ASF to name a few.  Most of these companies can also set you up with a barcode reader, although generally a reader is just a generic piece of hardware, and you may rather find it online.

So in summary, the 4 things you need in order to check in members is:

  1. barcode keytags
  2. a barcode reader
  3. check-in software
  4. members!