We Recommend This Scanner

This post was updated on 8/14/13

We often are asked by customers which scanner we recommend. We don’t blame them for asking – after all, once people realize that they do not have to buy their custom barcode keytags from their software provider, they start wondering what other things can be purchased elsewhere to save money? Great question!

You are correct, there is nothing proprietary about scanners and barcode readers, just like there is nothing proprietary about keytags. Pretty much any modern scanner will work with your software. That said, there is one particular model that seems to be the industry standard when it comes to not only POS sales of products, but checking in clients or members, and that is the Honeywell Fusion Omni.

While we have seen this particular unit sell for over $300 through some software vendors (shame on them), you can actually find it online for closer to $200. You may not be surprised to find that one of the best places to purchase scanners online is Amazon.com. So just by spending a little time online, you will be saving some serious money!

Just purchase your software from your software vendor, your hardware from Amazon, and your custom keytags from 123keytags.com! We also reviewed a different Honeywell scanner model that is extremely useful if you own a studio that has your members or clients check themselves in, check out this post.