What Are Stock Keytags?

stock_examplesMany people ask us what stock keytags are and why they would want to order them.

Here are some of the features of stock keytags:

Always in stock – as the name implies, stock keytags are always in stock and ready to ship. If you are in a hurry for your keytags, stock keytags might be a good option for you. Since we have them on hand, they ship within 2 business days!

“Perfect for gym owners that just realized that they’re out of keytags!”

Attractive design – our stock keytags were designed in a way that they not only look good, but they are a good fit for gyms, boot camps, personal training studios, and more.

“Attention Fit Body Boot Camp owners! We now keep FBBC keytags in stock! Order your stock FBBC keytags here.

Compatible with all scanners – due to the tabbed design of our stock “I Love My Gym” keytags, they work with all styles of scanners, including slot style scanners that are used in many 24 hour access fitness centers. We have Code 39 barcodes pre-printed on the back of the keytags. These are readable by all major scanners on the market today.

Available in lower quantities – because we are able to print thousands of stock keytags at a time, we’re able to sell them in quantities as low as 100 .

“Lower minimum order requirement is perfect for a studio owner who’s just getting started!”

So you might be thinking that stock keytags are a perfect solution for you – but how do I order them?

Easy, just head over to our website and and under products, select the “stock keytags” option. Or, just follow this link!

Of course if you would prefer to have your keytags customized with your own logo and information – you’ll want to stick with custom keytags, but stock keytags are a good choice for many gym owners!