Yoga Studios Growing Fast!

Of the last 10 orders placed for custom keytags, 6 of them were for yoga studios!

That may not seem like a lot, but up  until about a year ago, 95% of our custom keytag sales were to fitness centers. I can’t say for sure what is causing the tidal wave of keytag orders for yoga studios, but I did recently read that the number of people participating in yoga in the last 4 years has increased by 29%. That is a pretty healthy number given our current economic state!

I think that in addition to the growth of participation, yoga studio owners themselves have become more savvy business owners. Perhaps yoga studio owners in the past have considered the pursuit of money to be inconsistent with the values of yoga itself. However, as large fitness centers have begun introducing yoga into their operations, and large yoga chains have sprung up (Core Power Yoga) – like all businesses, yoga has become competitive.

And that is actually a good thing! After all – the best way to increase yoga participation among the masses is to make it more convenient, less expensive, and more consumer oriented. And what better way to check yoga students into their class then with the use of software and custom barcoded keytags?!

We look forward to working with new yoga studio owners over the coming years, and we welcome our new yoga studio customers!